SIPS vs Sticks: Frame Construction

Make the switch to SIPS and leave construction costs and energy bills in the dust.

FACT: Material cost of SIPS over traditional stick framed 140×45 lumber can be 0-20% higher.

FACT: Overall project cost of SIPS over traditional stick framed 140×45 lumber framing is 0 to (-30%) greater!

FACT: SIPS reduce a building’s operating costs (heating and cooling) by 58-60% in third party testing.

How is this possible? How does a building both cost less to build and to heat/cool?

SIPS are a major structural component of the overall design of a building. For more than 30 years Premier SIPS have framed residential and commercial structures with proven costs and energy performance in the field over traditional stick frame construction. How is this possible?

  • SIPS are pre-insulated! No need to purchase additional insulation
  • SIPS are pre-fabricated & precut when delivered to the job site: save 20-30% on framing labor
  • Electrical is installed 20-30% faster in SIPS (no drilling required)
  • Job site waste reduced with SIPS pre-cut panels — saves approximately 30% on waste disposal costs
  • Tighter SIPS structures mean smaller HVAC systems — up to 40% savings
  • Predictable straight engineered SIPS product is plumb and square (no bowed lumber) for faster finish work installation.
  • SIPS buildings are dried in faster. Subs start sooner resulting in less wasted “crew” days. This enables buildings to be completed faster reducing interest paid on loans.
  • No roof venting required in low slope roofing for SIPS building envelopes
  • The science behind SIPS structures show simply how SIPS offer better indoor air quality
  • The best part: SIPS are up to 58% more efficient in heating and cooling