Energy Calculator and Cost Comparisons

Energy Cost Savings Calculator

It is proven that using SIPs instead of traditional building materials saves nearly 50% in energy costs. Let’s see how much your energy costs would be if you had used Structural Insulated Panels.

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How Structural Insulated Panels Saves You Money

Premier SIPs fit the “green” world better than any other framing product on the market. As the competition in the building industry is tougher than it has been in years, Premier SIPs can actually help builders sell their homes faster.

Top this all off with a jump start towards the qualifying points needed for LEED and NAHB Green Building certification programs, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that the “Green Factor” of SIPs has brought an innovation that is long over due.  Learn more about how SIPs help you Build Green.

SIPs Cost Comparisons

Builders who start using SIPs don’t turn back. The green, environmental product-features in SIPs are great, but what really makes builders happy is that they can provide a far superior product to their customers while simultaneously saving money. After all, who doesn’t like a bigger bottom line?

Comparison to Stick Frame Construction on 2,000 sq. ft. home. Premier SIPs House

(roofs, walls & floors)
Overall Labor
Pre-cut panels
arrive to the jobsite ready to install, and can save up to 60% on combined labor on
overall framing, trim/millwork, window, door and flooring installations.
HVAC System
Up to 40% smaller
HVAC system
Jobsite Waste
Up to 60% less
jobsite framing lumber waste
Reduced Call
straighter roofs, walls and floors that don’t bow, warp or bend, and  reduce
builder callbacks by up to 50%.
Material Costs
Premier SIPs arrive
to the jobsite pre-cut and pre-insulated. The material cost for Premier
SIPs (as compared to traditional stick frame lumber and insulation
packages) is only about 5% higher in raw good costs. This cost includes
floor plan conversion to SIP panel construction.
End Building/Home Owner Utility Savings Up to 60% savings
on energy bills for your customers. Definitely a selling point.
Bottom Line SIPs
are the superior roof, wall and floor framing product, and are
extremely competitive
to a builder’s overall budget (compared to stick-frame construction).